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As you recall, Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion is helping us through these difficult times with advice and energy readings based on the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text that follows and predicts movements and energy flow in the cosmos. Her advice as always, is direct and to the point. Let’s see what she has to say about I Ching Progress…

Transformation Games - I Ching Progress

“American society has interesting and conflicting views about the Truth. You say, “the Truth shall set you free” and yet your actions often belie the statement.

Ignoring the Truth is the subject of our reading and the Hexagram that we’ll use is #35 from the I Ching Progress.

If you have been paying attention to the media and believing that you have no options, you will disregard the underlying changes that have appeared for the better. If you, instead, will listen to the messages from your heart you will understand that indeed, Progress is being made.

Remember that the forward movement of humanity is not dependent upon false ideas about money and returning to the “good old days.” You know intuitively that the time for new answers is upon you.

Communication is the key and here I will quote from the I Ching Workbook by R. L. Wing:

“Communication is now of vast importance during a time of rapid PROGRESS. It is wise for you to stay in close touch with all levels of your social world. Monitor the needs of others and be supportive of progressive improvements. Take an active part in the affairs of society now in order to refine and enhance your inner worth.”

What Will Help During this Time?

Learn to stop identifying with the small mind for it would like you to believe that the Truth is something to be afraid of or at least, ignored.

What if you stopped trying to run away from the Truth and made it a friend? Could you allow it to be more of a guide and objective force of Nature than something to be avoided or denied?

If you are unhappy, what is the harm in accepting the Truth and then taking steps to rectify it? Perhaps some may feel that there would be some form of punishment involved in finding a solution.

I would suggest that there is more suffering involved in denying or avoiding the Truth than there is in coming clean. The opportunities for reform are great and far reaching at this time, yet the opportunity is lost when the Truth cannot or will not be discerned.

Make a Pact With Your Spirit

Choose to follow Truth and forgive yourself unconditionally for any error or misunderstanding you may be holding in your critical mind. Allow your heart and spirit to soften the harsh words you have for yourself and others. All are caught in the illusion of the small mind and you can help by removing your voice from the cacophony of accusations.

Hope for the Future

Your smile and gentle words will accomplish more in this time than forceful or punitive measures. Give yourself permission to reform your strength of character. Allow the the energy of the cosmos to influence your understanding of the human condition. Then, when you can see the seeds of discontent within yourself as well as others, you will know the true meaning of compassion.

Holding grudges against yourself and others is not productive and distracts from the true possibilities.

If you fear certain decisions that will set you free, allow your hope for the future to relax you and show you the way forward.

Release any agreement to be hard on yourself or others.”

Tips For Making Friends With The Truth

If your life has become too complex, play the Simplicity Game I have provided for you. The Truth is much easier to perceive when extraneous elements are removed.

Perhaps you have allowed some simple benefit to be ignored. Now is the time to become aware of it and embrace it for your higher good. Meditate on this symbol. As you look at it, ask yourself,

“What benefits am I turning away from?”

Kuan Yin's Simplicity Game

For most of you, there are many. Resolve to change your attitude towards them and accept them as gifts.

The small mind would prefer that you forget the gentler movements of the cosmos because it is addicted to dramatic and apocalyptic visions.

Open-Gate020“I release my addiction to drama and apocalyptic visions.”

Release your agreement with those visions and allow your heart and Soul to guide you. Let yourself be supported by the emerging energy of I Ching Hexagram #35 Progress.”

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