Increase Your Good Karma

We designed our Heal Your Karma and Reincarnation E-Course to give you some theoretical knowledge about how to increase your good karma through the Laws of Cause and Effect.

Once you become aware of these laws, you can begin to change your life by pulling your non-virtuous seeds out of your subtle mind and plant new, virtuous seeds.

Heal Your Karma Ecourse

It’s a lot like gardening in that you plant only what you want to grow. This growth takes a little time. You plant the seeds that you want, give those seeds the conditions to ripen and your karmic garden becomes well cultivated and beautiful, the life that you would like to have, free from suffering. Like any good gardener, you have to, from time to time, pull the weeds and clear out any potentiality of growth that is unpreferred.

Most people are experiencing the ripening of seeds that were planted in past lives and in their past in this life. In my view, everyone on this board has had ripening virtuous seeds because:

1) You have reincarnated as a human being. You have a precious human life and considering where you might have ended up, this is a sign that your virtue has ripened.
2) You have internet access which means that you have at least some resources which allow you to be here and do this.
3) You are interested in this topic. Meaning that you have at least an interest in going beyond what is happening now. Your virtuous karma has given you the ability (through your birth and your spiritual exposure) to consider a path of liberation and enlightenment.

These are just three of many possible good things that are happening for you I’m sure.

I’m wondering what else is happening with you that shows you how your good karma has ripened in this life.