Past Life Regressions to Heal Poverty Consciousness

A woman in a Past Life Regression Circle was experiencing persistent negative thoughts and setbacks around poverty and hopelessness which was keeping her stuck and unable move forward with her plans. She believed in reincarnation and hypnosis and decided to give past life therapy a try. During the regression, she discovered that she had been a penniless, abandoned orphan in a past life where she was struggling to keep her starving little brother alive.

During the ceremony, she was able to access metaphysical help from her Higher Self and Healing Guides, who informed her that her little brother in that past life was now her husband in her current life and she was still playing out the old karmic pattern of poverty consciousness and destitution. Being able to remember her experience in the safety of a past life regression allowed her unconscious mind to unravel the pattern so that both she and her husband could move forward toward economic prosperity again.

Past Life Healing Game for Poverty Consciousness

Is a Karmic Pattern of Poverty Consciousness or Destitution Arising in Your Life?




Do you have difficulty receiving or allowing economic prosperity into your life?


whitespaceAre you ready, willing and able to let go of that karma and experience economic prosperity now?

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Exploring your past life experiences in a ceremonial healing circle can result in improved mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Sometimes these events are traumatic and are unconsciously carried over and relived in our present day experiences.

A Past Life Regression Circle can optimize your healing by:
A) Clearing the physical and emotional stress out of the body.
B) Restoring the neurological system to a pattern of health.
C) Integrating the full meaning of the experience on a mental and emotional level.
D) Reconnecting with your Higher Self and finding peace with the spiritual purpose of your past life experiences.

Dr. Bob Morrison
specializes in the integration of mind and soul through Transpersonal Hypno-therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki and Peruvian Shamanism.

Rheanni Lightwater CHT
and medical intuitive, specializes in energetic, physical and emotional clearing using Kinesiology, Reiki, Movement and Energy Medicine.

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