Belief in Past Lives and Reincarnation

Why does belief in past lives and reincarnation make sense? This is a question that I’ve personally considered all throughout my practice as a hypnotherapist. It is difficult to to prove any theory of the afterlife of course, but reincarnation is indicated as a very plausible theory, even without the experience that many people have with past life regression. The purpose of this article is not to come up with the definitive answer, but rather to spark some thought and consideration about this possibility.


One Birth Theory vs. Multiple Birth Theory

Reincarnation and karma explains the inequities found among individuals and groups.

In the religions that propose that people have one life, there is really no logical explanation as to why there is so much disparity between the lives of separate individuals. The question that perplexes many of us is simply this, why would the creator god decide that someone would have all the advantages of a fully endowed life (enough of the necessities of life and to be born being surrounded by the circumstances that would allow for the correct spiritual view) while others are not so fortunate? And, why would the creator god then decide that those who “do not comply” with the dogmas of that religion be damned to eternal punishment? One would have to decide that the creator god is quite capricious rather than the all knowing all loving being.

When you allow for the laws of cause and effect, believing that people experience what they caused others to experience sometime in the future, the inequities of life begin to make more sense. It’s not an uncommon view that when someone performs an action, its effects are definite, so it doesn’t take a great leap of faith that when you think and/or do something, that a potentiality is planted in your mind. Under the right circumstances, that potentiality can ripen into an effect. Thus positive causes result in positive effects, and negative causes result in negative effects. If you were unkind in a past life, unkindness (under the right circumstances) can ripen and be present in a life. If you deprived people of necessities or their life, then those effects, under the right circumstances, can also ripen in the future.

No afterlife point of view vs. multiple birth theory

To believe that there is no afterlife what-so-ever, you would have to believe that our consciousness is centered in the body and that all minds are gross minds. Simply put, when the body dies, the mind dies and that’s it. It is a materialistic point of view, meaning that your consciousness is based on your body.

We do know that all minds are not gross minds (dream minds tell us this), and we even know that the gross mind is not a solid entity. If the mind existed from its own side, it would never change. Our mind is dependent on many causes and is ever changing. We also know that all of our existence, including the existence of our mind, has always been a potential effect since the beginning of time, or it would not exist today. This is the same for our body and this current make-up of who we are is an effect from potentials begun many eons ago.

So, if this mind that we call “me” has been a potential, when we die, why wouldn’t it be a potential again? And, since it has already been a realized potential, what stops it from continuing on? Why then would our mind stop at death? There is no proof that anyone can point to that clearly demonstrates that the mind, our sense of self or our “I” is dependent on the body, but with the above reasoning, we can say that our body is rather dependent on the potentials and minds that preceded it.

Personal Proof

There is a myth that people who experience past life regression will see themselves as famous people. So we could have a bunch of Cleopatras, Churchills, Ty Cobbs, etc.  I’m not saying that I’ve never worked with someone who experienced being a famous person in their past life regression, but I will say that the vast majority of my clients usually experience difficult and hard circumstances which roughly equal what has been seen in human history. I have also seen studies that show the same tendency. I do not have that information handy as of this writing, but if anyone would like information about this, please do email me and I’ll happy to give you the citation for this and you can judge its validity on your own.

So this is why I believe in Past Lives and Reincarnation. It is my hope that this post will cause questions, strengthen your belief, or inspire you to look into the subject yourself.

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Collective Karma and Illness – the Flu

How Does Karma and Illness Work?

Did you know that the first clear record of a Flu outbreak was in 1580?

This was also the the century that brought us the Spanish Inquisition, the Calvanist and Huguenot Reformation, the westward advance of Islam, Puritanism and all kinds of wars based on religious intolerance waged for political and economic gain.

Karma and Illness

It was the century of Machiavelli’s The Prince, Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro – the eradicator of the Inca civilization, Henry the VIII and Martin Luther, who both defied the Catholic Church in their own ways. Then there was the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre which claimed over 10,000 lives over just a few short days. Yes, it was a special time, given to one of the most horrendous and far reaching outbreaks of religious intolerance on record.

So you might ask, “How could the flu be the result of collective karma regarding religious intolerance and why should I care, even if it is?”

As a medical intuitive who uses kinesiology or muscle testing in past life therapy with people, I have found over the years that karma and illness often go together and the emotional and spiritual energy of Influenza has always tested as either hatred, wrath or intolerance – coming from others. Newsweek has an interesting photo essay on the History of the Flu that you might like to check out.

I find the study of physical ills juxtaposed against social ills fascinating and think that the karmic imprint of influenza and pandemics makes a lot of sense against the backdrop of when this particular illness emerged and the kind of mass fear and paranoia that is so easily conjured up anytime anyone discusses the flu and being around other people.

Often times people I see who are sick themselves or discussing the flu use the word “hate” or “afraid” to describe their experience.

“I hate being at work. I hate being at school. I’m afraid to be closed in with all those people. I’m afraid I’ll get sick and I hate being sick!”

Release the Binding Energy of Paranoia and Intolerance

I learned early on in my past life therapy practice that intolerance or hatred is a binding energy. What I mean by that is when you “hate” something, your thoughts, your mindset and your energy gets very hard and constricted – not to mention your heart. The same goes for paranoia, however, simple fear is more of an immediate reaction – it usually comes up to let you know that something is off – something is wrong that needs your attention right away. It’s telling you that there is some aspect of this situation that isn’t good for you. Fear can be a very useful emotion when it motivates you to be cautious and do what you can to avoid harmful situations.

Intolerance is a kind of hybrid emotion that combines hatred and paranoia and turns them into a whole belief system. It is an outright rejection and violent refusal to accept that there might be something good about the object of our intolerance. When we are being intolerant of people, we focus our attention on them and send angry thoughts toward them, thinking that somehow doing so will make them go away and ease our suffering. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. The more we hate or fear something, the more we are bound to it… and it may even make us sick.

Karma and Illness = What You Put Out, You Get Back…Tenfold

A Past Life Healing Game

So what about healing the karma? How can we accept what we may have put out hundreds of years ago and dispel the karmic seeds that were planted then? Is it possible to heal the mindset of intolerance even after all of these years? And by healing ourselves as individuals, could we have a positive impact on the spread of the flu, decreasing it’s collective power over us?

I think it is possible and I suggest that we start by releasing our agreement to hold onto the negative pattern of intolerance in any form that it may come in.

Look at the Soul Contract Circle below and imagine that you can burn and release any family, religious or societal contracts that connect you to the patterns of religious intolerance we are speaking about here.

You can use the affirmation below it to help you:

Soul Contract Circle

“I abandon the practice of intolerance in whatever form it takes.”

“I am free of the negative pattern of intolerance and paranoia.”

It’s amazing how much energy you can free up just by doing this. But wait! Don’t stop now, you can do even more!



Use this symbol to help you dispel any curses or wrathful intentions that you or any member of your ancestral family may have sent towards any other person or group of persons. Use the affirmation below to stop the flow of anger or intolerance that would feed those curses.

“I abandon all forms of wrath in the form of curses, grudges, feuds or declarations of war.”




Next step, let’s clear the karmic seeds. With this symbol, go into your heart and imagine you can remove the seeds of any past karmic event that has anything to do with religious intolerance.You can even release your agreement to carry karma that was created by your ancestors! Use this affirmation:

“I let go of carrying on the karma of my family – past, present and future.”


Send all negative seeds to the Sun and once you’re done, have your spirit plant seeds of forgiveness to take the place of all those negative seeds.


Emotions are Simply Energy in Motion = e-motion

Many people can sense energy and actually feel negativity around them. They can also use that ability to disperse the energy and maybe you can too.

Use this symbol to help you get in contact with the emotional energy pattern behind the flu and dissolve it. All you have to do is look at this symbol, relax and get in contact with that hardened pattern of violent intolerance that started way back in the 1500’s. Once you sense it, use your intention to send it to the Sun, like a rocket burning up in the Sun’s atmosphere.



Once you have dissolved the clouds completely, you can rejoice in having made a difference by healing your part of the collective karma of the flu and it’s spiritual counterpart – religious intolerance!

Rheanni Lightwater © 2009 -16

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Understanding Karma

I got this excellent question on an email and thought it would be a good post to help us in understanding karma.

Question:  Why, from his own point of view, and apart from general humanitarian considerations, should anyone care what happens in future incarnations, since, if I understand correctly, those will be different personalities?

So, Why care about Future Lives? That’s a very interesting question.

My answers to this question are personal and philosophical and based on the idea that reincarnation is a possibility, so please remember that my response would be different from other responses you might get on the subject. This is why I care:

Consider that we do not have the same personality through this particular incarnation. Our personality at five years old is different from 10, 25, 50 and so on. Along the way, we made decisions and choices that changed the direction of our lives. Our life circumstances are changed by our decisions, like going to college so we can get a better education which results in an ability to make more money or work in a career that we are interested in. We may marry a certain person (or more than one, or no one), decide to have children or not, save for retirement or not. All of our experiences change our personality and we often forget many of our earlier experiences as if they did not exist.

Our gross consciousness (awakened mind) subsides during death, just as it does during sleep. Once we are reborn, our gross consciousness reemerges again in physical life. Just as we cannot remember much from our infancy and early childhood, we will not be able to remember much from this life. That doesn’t mean that the gross mind that we cling to won’t experience our future life.

What does go with us when we die are the imprints of our past lives called karma which are stored in our unconscious mind and emerge when the conditions are right, much like planting seeds and watering them. So if we plant negative seeds, negative results will ripen for us, and if we plant positive seeds, positive results will ripen.

Now from my point of view, understanding karma is vital to assist us in creating our future. My personal belief is that there are no accidents when it comes to life circumstances. We experience what we have caused others to experience. So, if you are a kind and helpful person, you will tend to attract kind and helpful people to you in the future. You will also have the tendency to be kind and helpful in the future making it easier to perform more kind acts.

The opposite would also be true. If you tend to do harm to other sentient beings, you will have a tendency to attract that harm in the future, not because some super-being is causing it or punishing you, but because you have ingrained those tendencies into your unconscious mind and created a strong potential for experiencing them.

Whether you consider your life to be good or bad, every experience in it is, to a degree, a result of a past experience that you caused someone else to experience. To project this theory out, it’s also logical to assume that what you cause another to experience in this life you will experience something like it in a future life. That’s why I believe understanding karma is so important.

Finally, there is also the issue of enlightenment. We have the opportunity as human beings to get out of this endless cycle of birth, aging, sickness and death. A state of mind where suffering no longer has any relevance to us. From this place, we can assist all sentient beings out of this endless cycle (to the humanitarian aspect which to me is the most important part of the equation). Assisting people in having less suffering or eliminating it altogether is, from my point of view, the most important part of being human.

Thank you for your question.

Bob Morrison, DCH

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