Karma and Mars in Retrograde

Planetary Influences Can Affect the Karma That Ripens for You

We can nourish positive karmic seeds by keeping our intentions and attention focused on the positive around us. Our environment also provides input that can affect what seeds come to maturity.

For example, during the first few months of 2010 (Dec. 2009 – March, 2010) our Pitta energy was strongly stimulated by planetary influences, not the least of which was Mars in retrograde. This set the stage for a lot of aggressive movement both within our own bodies and in the planet at large. In Ayurvedic medicine, pitta energy is the psychophysiological source of your personal fire, kept in balance and flow by water. You can have too much of one or too little of the other. The goal, of course is to live in balance.

Pitta energy in balance brings warmth, confidence and protection. Out of balance, pitta energy can easily become destructive. If the fire aspect is too weak or low, one can become ill, depressed, and fatigued. If it’s too strong the warmth becomes hot and acidic. The confidence goes critical and obsessive and protection becomes aggressive, irritable¬† and argumentative.

The planet Mars represents aggression, passion, anger and energy. Therefore, Mars in retrograde is liable to fuel the fire and nourish your karmic seeds related to aggression. However, the energy could also be used to strengthen your courage and confidence.

Fire is the one element that can, under the right conditions, transform all the other elements. Fire burns wood, evaporate water, consumes air and ether, and liquefies both metal and earth. Therefore those who use fire properly can manifest high levels of spiritual manifestation. That’s why every shamanic tradition has some reference to a “ring of fire.” Therefore, if we consciously nourish balanced protection and strengthen our confidence, these next twelve weeks or so could be very productive and positive.

To help us on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, meditation is essential for protection. On the physical level, it’s our immune system that protects us from infection and disease (the physical manifestations of aggression), so it makes sense to care for it properly.

It’s the immune system’s job to correctly identify and destroy foreign or harmful material that will compromise the health of your body. So I have come up with the latest Intuitive Learning Game entitled:

Balancing Your Pitta Energy

Five Steps to Improve Your Immune Function

Step One:

Take a few moments to meditate on this Pitta Energy Symbol – Chili from our home state of New Mexico.
Relax and tap on your thymus (located on your upper chest – in the center where the “bump” is). Doing so will help you to activate information about the health of your immune system.

Now go through the remaining steps using Intuitive Learning Circles to help you find out more about your pitta energy and what you can do to improve your immune function.

Step Two:

Have you been ignoring subtle messages telling you that you are off track in some way?

Step Three:

Use this affirmation with the next circle to change subconscious attitudes and beliefs that may be causing some trouble.
“I abandon any tendency I have to trick or sabotage my highest good.”
“I adopt creative methods that will assist me in benefiting myself and others.”


Step Four:

Find out what’s wrong.
Look at this circle and ask yourself,
“What is irritating me in my diet?”

Make a list. These are the foods, spices, herbs, supplements, etc. that you might want to cut back on.

Step Five:

Find out what will help.

What foods would help you get back in or stay in balance?
Make another list to remind you what foods are helpful.


You now have a list of do’s and don’t’s to help you stay in balance. Keep this game handy, as things may change quickly.

2009-16 © Rheanni Lightwater  All Rights Reserved