Soul Contracts from Past Lives

The Importance of Soul Contracts and the Akashic Records in Clearing Past Life Karma

Transformation Game - Soul ContractsUnfortunately, it can be difficult to release negative karma and accomplish a peaceful and productive mind when agreements or soul contracts from past lives are still being held in your mental continuum. How does that happen?

Let’s say that you’re working on an important project and you find yourself at a crossroad where you must make a decision between taking one path or another.  In order to make the best decision, you will want to be present and certain that you have the clarity of mind to do what’s in your best interests now, rather than basing your decision on old habits or negative conditioning from the past.

Soul Contracts from Past LivesIt helps to realize that those habits and conditioning all began with an agreement of some kind. For example, if you tend to sabotage yourself by over-indulging in eating or drinking alcohol, you’re unconsciously responding to some kind of agreement or firm decision that you’ve made in the past. It could be from this lifetime. More often, however, that agreement was probably planted in your mental continuum during a past life experience and you’re now living (or re-living) the karma.

In order to properly nourish yourself and break out of the karmic pattern, it’s helpful to release those old unconscious decisions and replace them with constructive ones that will support you in making choices that are in your best interests today.

Let’s use the example of compassion. It’s widely accepted in all true spiritual paths that compassion will guide us away from suffering and lead us toward liberation or enlightenment. If that’s a goal you’re genuinely interested in achieving, you can release your agreements to continue following paths that lead you away from compassion.

You can do that right now with a short Past Life Healing Game and this Circle that accesses your akashic records or soul contracts.

Simply look at the Soul Contracts Circle below with a soft gaze and imagine that you’re burning up any contracts or agreements from the past that are preventing you from being compassionate:

“I let go of being cruel towards myself or anyone else.”

“I release ideas from my mental continuum that would cause panic or terror in my mind or anyone elses.”

“I release any agreement to treat or regard myself as less important than others.”

“I release any agreement to give up my rights, myself or my dignity.”

Soul Contract

If you like, you can contemplate the specific behavior patterns that cause you problems and release your agreement to continue following them now.


This next symbol will help you to step out of Collective Karma that causes you to have severe judgement about yourself. This lack of mercy is the true source of so many of our problems.

“I step out of the Collective Curse of turmoil and panic.

I now easily access serenity within.”



“I release irritable, sarcastic and antisocial behavior.”

“I am now confident and resolute.”



“I release painful connections with those I’ve known from past lives.”

“I now know I’m free to move on through love.”


Even though you may not consciously remember what the past life was or what the exact karma is, this process will help it begin to unravel and release it’s grip on your current behavior.

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What Was Your Past Life?

You Can Find Out About Past Lives Through Hypnosis –
and clear past life karma that’s getting in the way of your transformation.

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Freedom from the Past Through a Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression is a very powerful way to transmute, transform and transcend negative karma and emotional imbalance that is affecting you today.

We always recommend that our hypnosis clients and group participants have a strong intention for their past life regression so that they get the most out of the experience. It’s all fun and good to contemplate the possibilities of who we were in a past life or if someone that we know today has been with us in our past lives, however, it’s much more beneficial to consider “What is really bothering me today? Am I in a position to transform negativity that is causing me difficulty now?”

For example, you might be having difficulty with a new year’s resolution or spending too much time wishing things were different. The best time to let go of the past is when you really feel that you want to change and move forward in a different direction. As a rule, human beings have to be ready, willing and genuinely want to change before any kind of lasting healing can take place.

So, if you are preparing for a private session or joining us for one of our upcoming Albuquerque Classes and Regression Circles, it really pays to come up with an intention that genuinely motivates you.

Here is a quick Past Life Healing Game to help you zero in on an intention that will most likely produce substantial results for you with your spiritual healing.

Step One: Identify the Basic Issue

Look at the graph below and ask yourself:

“Is there something that’s happening in my life right now that causes me to feel trapped, anxious, confused or under attack?

Am I ready and willing to look at it honestly?

Do I really want to heal this?”Sacred-Feminine12


“Is there a person or group of people that I’m having trouble with for no obvious reason that I can see or understand?”





Step Two:

“What will help me the most as I approach this issue?



Step Three:

“Am I genuinely ready and willing to let go of this issue? If not, why not?

Can I transcend my resistance? Do I really want to?


If the answer is no, go through the process again with a different issue, until you find one that you are ready, willing and actually want to heal.

In our hypnotherapy practice, we really want you to benefit as much as possible. Going through this simple exercise can help everyone achieve their goals.

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You can schedule a private Past Life Therapy Session in Santa Fe, NM with Bob Morrison, DCH or Rheanni Lightwater, CHT, CKP. Call 505-271-4612

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