Preparing for a Past Life Regression

How to Approach a Regression Using Past Life Therapy

Robert S. Morrison, DCH

In the last two articles, I reviewed what hypnosis is not and what it is. In this article, we look at what to do when you’re preparing for a past life regression and how to utilize the experience for a deep healing.

Preparing for a Past life RegressionBefore Embarking on a Past Life Regression, Have an Intention

This is extremely important as it will direct and focus your experience and give you a framework in which to understand the particular past life experience. Without the intention, the past life experience may be too vague to utilize. Also, the type of intention is important. Make your intention specific to your day to day life, and it’s good for the issue to have at least a little bit of an emotional charge to it. This way, when life is happening afterward, you will notice positive change that will help enhance and improve your life situation. Examples of the sorts of intentions that work best include:

“I would like to improve my health” (with a focus on a particular condition).

“I would like to improve or understand my love relationship” (problems with partner or no partner).

“I want to understand my issues at work.”

You get the idea.

Our Problems Stem from our Past Actions

Now before moving any further, the above statement is often thought of in the West as “blame the victim”. This is not the purpose of this statement. Whenever we see injustice or problems, regardless of their origins, we all should work to right wrongs and alleviate suffering whenever we can.

The true purpose of the statement is to help alleviate suffering since it gives both an answer to “why is this happening to me” as well as providing direction and motivation for future actions. Also, it explains why there are certain parts of your life that are going really well (you are experiencing the results of your positive actions from past lives) and why certain parts are not doing well (you are experiencing the results of your negative actions from past lives). These are all aspects of reincarnation that are often misunderstood coming from a Western point of view.

It’s not blame or punishment; it’s a result of the mindset that comes from past actions. So, by revisiting these situations, we have an opportunity to change our mind and thus change the causes of our outer experience. Judgment, blame and punishment have nothing to do with this and self forgiveness is the best attitude to cultivate.

So in preparing for a past life regression, we are utilizing the intention to find the past actions of the karma we are now experiencing. We re-experience these actions and get a new perspective which causes new choices or understandings to emerge. That’s how it works to clear mental/emotional blocks and facilitates spiritual healing.

Our next article will discuss the unconscious mind and give examples of how past life regressions arise from the unconscious mind and how one might interpret them.

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What is Hypnosis?

In my previous post, I talked about what Hypnosis is not. Now it’s time to answer the question, “what is Hypnosis?”

Robert Morrison, DCH

What is Hypnosis?Hypnosis is a state of relaxed concentration which makes it easier to have a ‘single pointed’ focus and a removal of other distractions from the mind. When one can achieve this state, it is much easier to make changes, insert new suggestions into the unconscious which are easily accepted (suggestibility), find lost or forgotten memories (regression and past life regression therapy) and access to motor and bodily processes (metabolism, pain, heart rate, blood pressure etc.). Also, it is believed that you have access to DNA, Spirit Guides or “other worldly guidance”, other extra-sensory intelligence (psychic visions for example) and other transpersonal visions (seeing the wholeness of all life and its connectedness). All of these are articles and studies all on their own, for the purposes of this article however, we’ll stick to the very basic, elementary explanation, which once understood is easily translated to these other subjects.

Simply put, the mind is the computer and the body is the robot. What the mind commands the body does. The result of what the body does is information for the mind which transmits it back to the body. This is a cyclic relationship that can cause or heal trauma, cause or heal ignorance, aversion, etc. Any physical or emotional state is a result of this relationship.

So when placed in a relaxed state, the mind tells the body to relax, the body relaxes and the mind becomes more relaxed. This is a cycle of relaxation that is often used in hypnosis to calm the body which calms the mind.

You can see this relationship by visualizing a “bright yellow lemon”.

What is hypnosis? Visualize a lemon and what happens?With your imagination, cut into the lemon and taste the juice and you might find that your mouth waters and/or puckers. In reality, however, there is no lemon, no juice, only the mental image and the body reaction. If you continued to eat the lemon in your mind, you might find that your mouth waters more, or that you give yourself heartburn. Whatever your body’s reaction to this would be, it has all occurred because of the mind and nothing solid or in ‘consensus reality’.

So, if you can change your mind about the lemon and your reaction to it, you can also change your reaction to the same stimuli in consensus reality. You could perhaps change how you experience the taste of the lemon or your body’s reaction to the lemon.

cigarettewebThese same principals can be applied to life situations, physical dependencies or health concerns because your mind, the commander of the body, literally dictates how the body functions. There is ample research on medical hypnotherapy, physical healing, pain control, post-operative healing, and even cancer that point to the mind’s role in the healing of the body.

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Is Hypnosis Mind Control

We’ve spent a lot of time covering the generals of past life regression in past articles including why a past life regression might be helpful to you, and the reasons to seek help other than past life regression. We’ve discussed how Cause and Effect, or the Law of Karma causes the happy and unhappy effects in your current life.

Now, I’d like to spend a little more time demystifying hypnosis and past life regressions by discussing the specifics of what you might expect when you try this modality.

Is Hypnosis Mind Control?Is Hypnosis Mind Control?

Often, people come to a past life regression or hypnosis session with preconceived notions about hypnosis. Specifically, many are concerned about hypnosis mind control or “losing control over their free will”. This, more often than not, comes from sensationalist media claims and from hypnotists who would rather put on a show rather than utilize hypnosis as a way to help an individual change their attitudes, habits and beliefs about themselves. So, when discussing what hypnosis is, it is important to discuss what it is not.

What Hypnosis is Not

Hypnosis is not mind control, and under no circumstances will you do anything that is against your will. You will not blurt out secrets, unless you want to; you will not rob banks, sing like an opera star; nor will you change any unwanted habit; unless you choose to do so. One way to demystify hypnosis is to unveil the hypnosis stage show, how it works, and how, for entertainment purposes, this can look like the hypnotist is controlling the mind of those on stage.

The Hypnosis Stage Show

Now, before continuing, I am not completely opposed to the hypnosis stage show. What I am opposed to is the use of the hypnosis stage show to an uninformed audience; making the hypnotist look like the all powerful and mighty controller of the mind. While this makes for good theater, it has created much disinformation and distrust of a very useful healing tool.

This is how the stage show works. There are of course variations on this technique, however the general principle of choosing and eliminating subjects will apply. The important rule to remember is that you will not do anything that is against your will.

The Hypnotist observes the audience and searches out those who would be willing to come on stage and do entertaining things whether or not they are hypnotized. So, he/she watches the audience to see whose behavior would fit well on stage; generally, an extrovert who has very animated or even outrageous behavior. So, if the audience is say 100 people, this “filter” will limit the number of people the hypnotist must watch in the audience as subjects.

Then, the hypnotist will do a progressive relaxation and visualization (or some other hypnotic trance technique) and watching those ten or so, see which of those people are showing signs of hypnosis. Those who do come up and are part of the show. If there is an “uncooperative” subject, they hypnotist will let him/her go and make it look like part of the show.

This is not to say that these subjects are not hypnotized as they are, but it comes back to willingness of the subject to do what the suggestions are anyway.

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