Past Life Regression Questions is here to answer common questions about the Past Life Regression experience.

We’ve already shared some articles looking at setting an intention and navigating past life memories. This post will answer three of the most often asked past life regression questions. One is about any hypnosis session and the other two are specifically about past life therapy.

Navigating Past Life Regression Questions

Past Life Regression Questions

1) “I am concerned that I will give up control to the therapist during hypnosis, will I do things I do not want to do or give away secrets I do not wish to divulge?”

The answer is no. All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. The hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything that you’re unwilling to do. He or she merely creates the conditions in which you can get yourself into an altered state. You are in complete control of yourself and your experience. See “What is Hypnosis”.

2) “What if I don’t experience anything or see past lives?”

The answer is turn up your imagination. The past life experience (and memory function) utilizes imagination. The technique for handling “getting nothing” is to start making it up. This will do two things. First, it will comfort the conscious mind and assist you in getting past blocks. If you are making it up, then your conscious mind may be more willing to allow information to seep through. It’s amazing how many times people have made up an experience that did not reflect anything in the current knowledge and experience.

Second, by utilizing your imagination in this way, you loosen up the conscious mind’s hold on the experience which will allow you to slip into a level of trance where you can be successful.

Additionally, whenever a client is unusually fixated or confused, there are several Intuitive Learning Circle techniques we can use to help you relax and find the answers to your past life regression questions.

3) “What if the experience is just too much for me and I see difficult things I cannot handle?”

The “prime directive” of the conscious mind is to preserve and protect the body. This can be seen in many humans when they use their faculty for denial of painful events and is often present with repressed memories exhibited by people who have suffered childhood abuse. The mind will not present you with memories that you cannot handle or will endanger you. However, this does not mean that you will avoid unpleasant or challenging material.

I advise all my clients that when difficult material presents itself to realize that it’s often repressed material that may need to be released. Sitting through this difficult material often pays off in more freedom and happiness in your regular mundane life. I would encourage anyone faced with this in the regression situation to see it through to the end.

With that said, you can always go back to the answer to the first question – you’re in control! You can just open your eyes and be done with the past life regression, because you are always in complete control of the experience.

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Memories from Past Lives

So far, we’ve learned what hypnosis is not, what hypnosis is, and the importance of setting an intention.  In this article, I’ll begin the discussion about the actual regression experience, particularly some of the things that people may experience, why they may experience them and how to navigate the terrain.

The Unconscious Mind

Memories from Past LivesIn understanding the terrain of past life therapy, you could simply remember what your dreams are like. Dreams do not follow the rules of physical reality and often need to be interpreted for meaning. It is this same part of the mind (the unconscious) that works on us during our waking reality and can lead to things that we believe (in waking consciousness) to be irrational or ‘non-typical’ behavior.  As we all know, the unconscious mind is symbolic and has no need to follow the rules of time and space.

One unconscious process that we use in waking reality is memory. Memory is a function of the imagination and as we also know, is open to interpretation. It also can be highly symbolic and does not concern itself with time or space (or you wouldn’t be able to remember past events).

Past Life Regression and Memory

With this information about memory, let’s talk more about memories from past lives. Often these memories run into each other, because the unconscious mind relates experiences more as a constellation rather than on a linear time-line. Often there are several lives that cause karma which produce effects in this life time. So, I’ve noticed a couple of different phenomena that happen fairly often in my practice. We might find, for instance, that one may experience several different lives during a sitting that all reflect the same karma. Also, as happens less frequently, but still worth noting, is that lives may actually inter-pose on each other revealing a karmic relationship.

As an example, a person may find that he is an ancient Isrealite in the desert with Moses and is wearing a 1940’s German military uniform. This might reveal to an individual his karma in regard to anti-semitism as an example.

Getting out of the Human/Earth Paradigm

People often have experiences as insects, animals or non-earth intelligent beings. All of these (if you believe that there is life on other planets) are possible and should not be discounted. Whether it is a reality or material from your unconscious mind is not the issue here. A Past Life Regression Therapist looks at it as material that is asking to be looked at for information and healing. So, do not judge the experience from what you know about history or biographical information. It’s better to suspend judgement and allow the experience to reveal what’s important about your intention.

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