Past Lives and Body Memories

Acclaimed Jungian Psychologist and Regression Therapist, Roger Woolger gave examples of his therapeutic experience with three patients whose bodies were suffering from physical symptoms that turned out to be memories connected with a key event in their past life stories.


1. “Susan’s'” rigid neck and shoulders carried memories of a guilty suicide from her past life as a Dutch Painter.
2. “Gregory’s” impotence was bound up with the harrowing story of shame and castration from his life in the French court.
3. “Melinda’s” sexual frigidity revealed a past life of child abuse and rape.

He concluded that emotional issues from past life experiences could become embedded tin whatever part of the body was wounded in that past life and could cause unresolved distress in the person’s current life.

To read more about past lives and body memories, check out Other Lives, Other Selves by Roger J. Woolger Ph.D., Bantam Books.

We have found in our own work with clients over the past thirteen years that the subtle energy fields of the body remember the pattern of unresolved conflict and that this pattern is often an underlying cause of unhappiness and even physical pain in the person’s current life. Clients who have experienced the cathartic release of the original trauma through various forms of Past Life Therapy repeatedly come away with a greater sense of compassion for themselves and noticeable improvements in their physical symptoms.

Is it possible that you are carrying physical symptoms that are an expression of an emotional conflict that has it’s roots in a past life experience?


Our Past Life Regressions are Facilitated by:
Dr. Robert S. Morrison specializing in the integration of mind and soul through Transpersonal Hypno-therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki and Peruvian Shamanism.

Rheanni Lightwater
Reiki Master/Teacher and medical intuitive, specializing in physical and emotional clearing through Kinesiology and Energy Medicine.


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Some people argue that these “body memories” aren’t due to reincarnation at all and that the story is just the result of an overactive imagination – that it’s only in their head. However, the psyche of the individual is still being affected negatively, regardless of  what really happened or how it came to be. In Past Life Regression Therapy, our objective remains the same – providing a safe and effective way to release unresolved emotional conflict and bring relief to the client.

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