Eliminate Procrastination

What if you could lose your fear of public speaking, improve your sales, overcome phobias or even help your body heal itself today?

Would you be interested in knowing how to work with anxiety, fear, or eliminate procrastination?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could program yourself to sleep better, be more energized and focus on the things you really want to do?

With hypnosis, you CAN DO JUST THAT!

American Board of Hypnotherapy

Bob Morrison, DCH is offering Hypnosis Sessions in Santa Fe, NM where you get individual support to create an effective, safe and personalized program of self-hypnosis techniques to help you eliminate procrastination and unlock your  and self-confidence.

You can even use hypnosis to lose weight or stop smoking!

Improve Your Performance Through Hypnosis

with Robert Morrison, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

ABH Certified Hypnosis Instructor

Location: Soul Resources, LLC, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Info at: bob@pastliferegressions.com or 1 (505) 603-0112

Once you have only a couple sessions with Bob, you will know how to:

  •  Put yourself into a trance
  •  Create deep relaxation for yourself
  •  Structure suggestions and post-hypnotic cues that will strengthen your results for positive change
  • Release inhibitions that prevent you from accessing hidden talents, resources and genius.

Discover the POWER OF HYPNOSIS to connect with your highest potential –

No More Procrastination! Call us TODAY: (505) 603-0112