Tip Your Sacred Cow Karma

You Can Discover Who You’ve Been Through This Past Life Healing Game

and clear past life karma that’s getting in the way of your transformation.

What was your past life?Understanding what was your past life can help you let go of negative soul contracts and collective karma from the past.

What is a Sacred Cow Soul Contract?

In this process, you will clear soul contracts that have outlived their purpose and become a burden to your evolution. They’re important to clear because as long as the agreement isn’t resolved, the karma is still entangled and your mental continuum continues to behave as if the agreement were still in force. This causes a lot of unnecessary suffering for you and those around you.

For example: A woman who was having trouble feeling settled in her life decided to try playing the game. While going through it, she glimpsed impressions from another life, seeing bare feet and a beat up old suitcase. Later on while she was dreaming, she saw herself clearly living a past life as a Hungarian orphan in Nazi Germany.

In her dream of that life, she was continually used as a slave and moved from place to place without being able to feel safe. She was eventually turned in to a work camp and lost her life without having any control at all. In her present life, the woman was still operating under the cultural agreements that were in force back at that time.

Through the safety of this simple past life healing game, she could release the soul contracts and collective karma that was forced upon her. Gently, it brought her pattern of restlessness and uncertainty into consciousness so that she could relax and comfortably move into a happier, more productive life.

Easy Steps to Play the Game:

  1. Choose an issue that’s causing a blockage in your mental continuum. Use it as a springboard to accelerate your spiritual growth and prepare you for your next step on your healing journey.
  2. Follow directions from the Past Life Healing Game to release your connection to negative influences from the past.
  3. Read each step with it’s question or affirmation, one at a time.
  4. Think about it while looking with a soft gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circle that goes with it.
  5. Remember to RELAX! The Circles and symbols help you to access a light hypnotic trance where you can access your akashic records and gently clear harmful Soul Contracts so you can make room for positive, proactive change.

“Tip Your Sacred Cow Karma” is a fascinating and unique form of regression therapy that works!

When you gaze softly at the Intuitive Learning Circles, you are using self-hypnosis to clear out interference and reorganize how you use your energy. You may experience subtle energies running through you, or the Circles may move, rotate or even change color. That means that they’re working! Just keep breathing and relax. When you release your agreement with negative karma, fear or falsehood, you could be detaching from old family patterns, outdated religious vows, or even a larger, collective entanglement. Not only will you feel better in the days and weeks that follow, you’ll be clearing away obstacles to happiness!

So, let’s get started!

Step One:

What is a situation in your life that distresses you? Gaze softly at the Circle below and relax as you contemplate that thought…

“What is distressing me?”


Step Two:

As you gaze at this symbol, imagine that you are scanning for information in your unconscious mind.

“Is this situation interfering with me on a karmic level?”

SCKarmic-Interference“Am I taking on karma from others?”

or in other words, is this really my problem or someone else’s?


Step Three:

Use this Soul Contract Circle to release your agreement to take on the karma of others now or in the future. Imagine that the contracts are burning up into ashes or flying up to the Sun.

“I let go of any obligation, contract, debt or threat that would compel me to take on the karma of others in the past, present or future.”

“I let go of any curse or obligation that is secretly affecting me.”

“I let go of any harm I’m unwittingly participating in.”

Soul Contract


Step Four:

Now it’s time to handle the karma. As you know, karma is simply the law of cause and effect. Use the Circle below to gather information about past thoughts, decisions and actions involved in this situation. What is going on in your unconscious mind? Are you taking on someone else’s words or deeds in any way? If you are, use the Circle below to collect them like seeds and send them back to where ever they belong so that they can be resolved and healed.

Seed 37


Step Five:

If there is karma of your own that needs to be cleared, use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to send the karmic imprints from your mental continuum to the Sun to be purified.

Destructive Blueprints


Step Six:

Are you feeding harmful karma with your energy? Take a few minutes to project forgiveness and a positive intention into the center area of this Circle. Send energy from your solar plexus towards it, like a water hose.

“I forgive myself for all misdeeds.”

“I now empower my own intentions and my beneficial karma.”


Congratulations! You are ready to approach your situation more objectively, with a different perspective – without negative Soul Contracts!*

*Please note that we are all infinite beings in an infinite universe – as new circumstances or events change, we may encounter new karmic entanglements and Soul Contracts, even with the same people we just cleared. However, you can use this process as many times as you need to.

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Private Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Sessions Also Available

How You Can Benefit from a Past Life Regression or Clearing:

  • Clear emotional stress and trauma out of your body.
  • Calm feelings of anxiousness and/or depression.
  • Heal troubled relationships.
  • Understand certain behaviors and tendencies.
  • Come to terms with your past life on a mental, emotional & spiritual level.
  • Reconnect with your Spiritual Center & find peace with the karma & soul purpose of your past life experiences.


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