Time and Energy

Kuan Yin’s I Ching Reading for Hexagram #41 DECLINE – Wasting Time and Energy

We are receiving help and energy healing during this time of transition from Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, who is guiding us through her I Ching Readings, using an ancient Chinese text that follows and predicts movements and energy flow in the cosmos. Her advice as always, is direct and to the point!

Transformation Games - Time and Energy“The general climate and energy level is going through a period of DECLINE. This phase is a normal and natural part of the flow of the cosmos and it’s best to pull yourself back from doing too many things. Your personal energy and resources are in a state of DECLINE, so you would be wise to monitor how you are doing things so you don’t waste time and energy.

The ancient Chinese text description of DECLINE could be compared to the modern memes of “Work smarter, not harder” and “Facing the music.” The original text states:

“Accept the DECLINE and respond appropriately by simplifying your life. A sincere and simplified approach to life will prevent you from making serious mistakes and will improve your sense of timing. If you find the DECLINE unacceptable and continue the pretense of more opulent times, you will fall … out of touch with reality.”
~ The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

Now is a good time to make the most of what you have by avoiding emotional outbursts and extraneous tension. These behaviors are a waste of your precious resources. Through acceptance, you can learn to curb your more indulgent tendencies and redirect your energy to attend to the business at hand. To help you do this, it would be good to release certain cultural agreements that may be affecting you from the shadows.

Release Soul Contracts that Waste Time and Energy

The collective agreements of society have a huge influence over automatic behaviors, however, you don’t have to continue buying into them.

Let this simple past life healing game help you bring those agreements out of the shadows so that you can release and replace them with more preferred behaviors. Simply gaze softly at the Soul Contract Circle while you use the affirmations provided below. It can be helpful to imagine the agreements to be like legal contracts burning up into ashes.

Note: There are two categories of agreements included here. If other agreements get sparked in your mind, go ahead and take this opportunity to let them go as well.

#1: Agreements around time.

“I let go of spending too much time on people, places & things that are exhausting me.”

“I let go of activities and agendas that are a waste of my time.”

“I release my agreement that time is passing me by.

“I now know that developing patience brings rewards.”

“I slow down and make good use of my time.”

#2: Agreements around placement.

“I let go of needing to be several places at once.”

“I let go of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“My new agreement is that I am at the right place at the right time.


Part of what you are learning is that your collective concepts of past and future are illusions. In truth, there is only the Eternal Now. This symbol from The Essential Human will help you step out of the collective entanglement.

“I release my hostility towards the Truths of the Universe.

I now embrace and utilize them for my greater good.”


Taking the time to make these adjustments gives your unconscious mind permission to change how you are doing things for the better. Contrary to popular belief, the period of DECLINE can be very productive if it is used to benefit your Higher Nature and increase your confidence.

The pendulum continues to swing.”

 Rheanni Lightwater © 2012- 16


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