Feeling Self-Conscious

Are you feeling self-conscious or taking things too personally?

It can be very serious for some people who may even become sick, depressed or anxious because they’re feeling self-conscious. They may be frozen with fear at the prospect that someone might disapprove of them or feel vaguely guilty or anxious about something that’s difficult to pinpoint.

If you’re taking things so seriously that it’s interfering with your life, there must be some reason for it. Perhaps there’s a past event that’s blocking you from being happier with yourself. In general, hypnosis and past life regression therapy are very helpful in healing emotional stress that comes from being stuck in a past incident from this lifetime or another one. Nothing can take the place of a one to one regression session, but if you would like to understand why you’re feeling self-conscious, especially around certain people, we’ve come up with a Past Life Healing Game that’s designed just for you!

The directions for playing the game are easy = simply gaze at each symbol one at a time with a soft focus and relax while you follow the sequence of questions and empowering affirmations:

First think about a person that you feel very insecure or self-conscious around.

Once you’ve chosen that person, continue to the next question.



Ask yourself as you gaze at this Intuitive Learning Circle:

“Do I have a past life connection with this person… yes or no?

Trust the first answer that comes to you instinctively. If the answer is “yes”, play the rest of the game with that person in mind.

Seed 37


When it comes to past life relationships, you should know that there is probably a blockage or mental obstruction that would prevent you from remembering much about the incident. This next Intuitive Learning Circle™ can help you gain a new perspective. As you look at it, imagine a huge rock is in front of you. Now imagine you can flip it over and that it immediately breaks into a thousand pieces and that the leftover debris clears away completely.

Condor Medicine 32





It’s helpful, in cases like these, to identify what emotion is causing you to get upset.
As you gaze softly at this Circle, ask yourself:

“What emotion comes to mind? What is it about?”

Make a note of your answers.




“Is there a good reason for me to feel this way?”

Fly Medicine




To help unlock what the real problem is, ask these questions:

“Does being around this person cause me to get off track with my goals and aspirations?”

“Am I unconsciously trying to please this person?”

“Am I compromising myself in any way?”

“Is there anything that needs to get straightened out?”





Gaze gently at this Circle while you look deeper into the dynamics of your situation:

“How is this situation causing me harm?”

“How am I participating in it?”open-gate002



“In order to make a beneficial change, what would I need to do for myself?”





“Am I ready to do that – and do I want to?”

Take a few moment to raise your vibration and gather your strength.

Open-Gate042 whitespace


“Is there anything else I should know about how to handle this person or the situation in general?”

Parrot Medicine

Congratulations! If you followed the directions to this game, you have a deeper understanding of why you are feeling self-conscious and what you can do to help yourself.


Rheanni Lightwater © 2013-17

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