Resolving Karmic Ties

Resolving Karmic Ties Through Past Life Therapy

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a person is the sad reality of living in a dangerous relationship or hostile family environment. Those who are children growing up with illicit drug use, abuse or neglect have little choice but to adapt to their surroundings the best that they can. However, as adults there are more options and one of them is to put a halt to the energetic patterns that support the cycle of abuse through past life therapy.


If you have grown up as a victim of any kind of abuse, you know that it can affect your current relationships in every way imaginable – physically, mentally, emotionally and even on a spiritual level. You may be over-ridden with feelings of guilt, fear or distrust. Because of your feelings of powerlessness, you may feel that you need to strike back or maintain a hyper-vigilant desire to control everything. This is a natural reaction, however, it can trap you because it isn’t very helpful for creating a happier life.

Being Able to Step Out of Abuse is Key to Resolving Karmic Ties

One of the biggest problems involved in resolving karmic ties from abuse is when a person is chronically stuck in the past or having an unhealthy attachment to the very people who may have caused the most harm. Psychology calls it enmeshment and that’s a pretty good description of what it’s like. Through the relationship of victim/perpetrator, each person becomes so entwined with the other that it’s hard to determine where one person leaves off and the other begins. If you are someone who subscribes to the idea of reincarnation, karma and past lives, the victim/perpetrator relationship takes on new meaning.

Karma is simply the Law of Cause and Effect. What one puts out, will come back to them sooner or later. Many people are now feeling effects that were set into motion long ago and are experiencing dismay because they don’t understand why certain things are happening to them now.

A past life regression is an excellent tool for getting to the root of the problem and resolving karmic ties.

It’s also important to find other ways to respond rather than striking back at those who we feel are abusing us. It may feel good in the moment, yet another seed has been sown that will bring that suffering back to us again sometime in the future.

Transformation Game - Resolving Karmic TiesIn this Past Life Healing Game from Kuan Yin, you’ll go through a spiritual healing process that could help you to close the doors to abusive experiences so that feelings of anger, fear and suffering can truly become a thing of the past. Like our other meditations and self-hypnosis formulas, we use the Intuitive Learning Circles™  and Graphs from Divine Nature Activated and Gifts from the Rainforest.


Closing the Doors to Past Abuse – The Cause of Present and Future Unhappiness

Directions: Gaze softly at each symbol and follow the directions. It may be useful to journal or write down some of these answers.


Take several deep breaths as you gaze softly at this first circle.

Think about your family of origin. What does your body feel like?

For instance, does it feel stiff, heavy, tight, numb, disconnected, etc?

Vine of the Soul Medicine

How would you describe your mental/emotional mindset as you do this?

Would you say it’s sad, angry, depressed, closed, anxious, lost, confused or something else?

Make a note of what you notice on your piece of paper.





The next few symbols are from “Divine Nature Activated” and will help us in resolving karmic ties and negative conditioning that are past down through our genetic connections. The key is to relax as much as possible while looking at each symbol. It can help to imagine that an old, broken DNA strand is falling apart while a vibrant and cohesive DNA strand is relaxing, healing and filling up with light.




The following symbols will help you to let go of patterns of abuse being held in your DNA. As you look at each one with its affirmation, let yourself relax as much a possible:

“I let go of my tendency to sacrifice my safety, health or well-being.”

“I replace it with loving patience for myself.”



Visualize sending any negativity you sense to the Sun.

“I release the pattern of fear and hostility from my body and mind.”

“I replace it with an openness to a new way of being.”



Here’s some more negative energy to send to the Sun.

“I let go of patterns that perpetuate lies, suffering and hardship. I decide to let these things transform.”

“I fill my heart with strength and protection. I hold the victory of Love in mind.”





Because of the abuse, your Essence might still be lost in a dark place. Bring it back by breathing, looking at the symbol and feeling the soft area between your ribs – the solar plexus. Imagine that you’re calling back your Essence like a child coming back home from being outside.

“I call my Essence back home to my center where I can be safe again.”

Inner Divinity





Continue breathing and look at this Soul Chart for several minutes. Feel free to stretch or move around to help you integrate:

“I unplug from the abuse and those who abused me. I decide to be autonomous and true to myself.”

Soul Color




Now imagine that you can dissolve your attraction field for abuse or violent energy patterns from the past. Imagine that your Spiritual Self knows just what to do and is dissolving the energy around you that attracts abuse.

“I dissolve my attraction to pain – past, present or future. My energy now flows in alignment with my highest good.”

Don’t stop until you feel lighter and much more at ease.

Early Morning Storm 43



Now it’s very important that you take the time to be sure that your auras are healed and sealed.

Gaze softly at this Circle both crossed and uncrossed over the mid line of your body.

“I have protection. My auras are healed and sealed.”





“I close the doorways in my mind that connect me with my abusers.”

Piranha Medicine

Notice how you are feeling now. Do you feel better than you did when you started the meditation?

If you do, Congratulations!

Feel free to go through this intuitive learning meditation any time you feel like resolving karmic ties anyone you know – family, friends, partners, bosses – anyone you feel an unusual and negative attraction to.

Note: Sometimes when we’re dealing with karmic ties with families or love relationships, it’s really difficult to stay objective. If you need help in processing this advanced exercise, you might want to contact Rheanni Lightwater to go through it with you. She is available to work long distance and is set up to use Skype whenever possible. To find out more, please call or email:

Rheanni (505) 271-4612 or email at:

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