Past Life Stories – Soul Fragments

Karma, past lives and soul fragments may be the cause of family friction ~ Past Life Stories of a Daughter and Her Mother

A woman was having difficulty with her mother – every interaction turned hostile and both mother and daughter were predisposed to resentment, sarcastic verbal attacks and various other forms of controlling, angry behavior.

Soul FragmentsNormally, the woman simply stayed away and had in fact been estranged for some years, however, her father, whom she cared about was passing away and she wanted to be able to visit and support his passing without continually getting into it with her mother. She agreed to do a past life regression with the goal of finding out what karma between them might be causing her problems in the relationship and finding a solution, if possible.

While in hypnotic trance, the woman was taken back to a lifetime where she could see herself as a tribal warrior on an open battlefield in the midst of hand to hand combat with another tribe. She was able to vividly describe fighting to the death with a fierce and powerful opponent while her subtle energy fields become severely disturbed, clouded, and inflamed. The tension and hatred between them was quite palpable. As she detailed the vicious fight, it became apparent that her opponent was the Soul of her mother in this lifetime. They died in a death grip, each one cursing the other and vowing revenge, even if it took an eternity.

Once safely out of her trance, the woman said, “That’s it! That intense feeling of rage is how I feel when I’m around my mother. I never understood why I’ve always hated her so much, but now I do.”

Healing Soul Fragments

At that point, she was encouraged to develop a sense of compassion for herself and her mother, both bound to each other through revenge and hatred. As she processed the experience, the woman was able to release her Soul Contracts to continue the pattern. As soon as she did so, she became very aware of the fragmented part of her mother that she had been engaging with all this time and with some gentle coaching, was able to send it back to where it belonged (it’s very important that the soul fragment be sent to where it belongs without anger, because anger is a binding energy). The session was finished by taking the time to calm and integrate all parts of the woman that had separated and fragmented as well.

After that, relations with her mother improved and she was able to attend to her father as she had hoped. It’s questionable that her relationship with her mother suddenly became all rainbows and flowers, but the woman was able to forgive her mom and stop reacting so violently, which was a big improvement for her.

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