How To Create Good Karma

If you believe in the basic principle of cause and effect, you probably want to know how to create good karma for the future.

Robert S. Morrison, DCH

This post is an extension from my previous posts about Reincarnation and Why Future Lives are Important. If you believe in reincarnation and future lives, then you might want to consider what conditions you would like to live under in the future, so that you can progress forward in your Spiritual Life.

How to Create Good KarmaIn considering those conditions, here are some of the things I would personally like to have:

1) To become someone who has the physical and mental ability to discriminate between helpful and destructive actions. Animals and others that are constantly in pain have a very difficult time with this discrimination. Also, humans can be born or acquire problems that can take away their ability to discriminate and intentionally perform genuinely beneficial actions.

2) To be born in an environment where there is enough to eat and all the necessities of life are easily found, including fresh water, air and a healthy environment.

3) To be born with wisdom, status and resources to easily allow for a spiritual practice and to assist others with their spiritual practice. This is one of the greatest benefits I experience from my own Hypnotherapy practice.

So, by thinking about what you would like to create for yourself in the future, you can begin to know how to create good karma now so that it’s more likely to happen. Remember that you get to experience in the future what you intentionally cause others to experience. Deciding to assist others with a genuine desire to help is a great way to begin. Of course it’s important to root out any hidden agendas, misunderstandings or deep-seated negative karma from the past.

Hypnosis and past life regressions, along with various other forms of alternative healing like the Intuitive Learning Circles™ are great resources to help you know what you really want to create and clear the limited beliefs or past karma that prevent you from doing so. Taking the time now helps to ensure that the conditions of your future lives will be advantageous for your spiritual healing, progress and happiness.

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Soul Contracts and Past Life Karma

Soul Contracts and Past Life Karma that Bind Us to Contradiction

It can be difficult to move forward with a peaceful and productive mind when agreements with the Collective Unconscious are being acted out in your mental continuum. Use this Past Life Healing Game to take a few moments to clear negative emotional energy from the Collective and step into the Eternal Now.

All Agreements, including Soul Contracts that Bind Us to the Collective Consciousness of Fear are Based on the Creative Power of the Word.

In Roman mythology, Janus was the son of Apollo and the deity responsible for gates, doorways and all beginnings. January is derivative of his name. He is pictured having two faces turned in opposite directions, signifying his dominion over past, present and future. He holds the key of manifestation in his right hand and a staff of protection in his left. He was also equated with the rising and the setting of the sun. In times of war, he was called upon as a benign intercessor on the behalf of peace.

The Archetypal Energy of Janus

represents the resolution of contradictions in our lives and calls us to understand that the concepts of past and future are illusions, there is only the Eternal Now. Those who understand this truth and use it to discipline the ego will find vast resources for manifesting peace and upholding inner truth.


Are you wondering why you might be having difficulty moving into the next phase of your life?

Perhaps you are fixated on something you fear will happen in the future and are experiencing a sense of hopelessness or confusion because of it?

Is it any consolation to you that other people are struggling with the same issue?

Probably not, because the old adage “Misery Loves Company” isn’t really true for you any more.

Would you be willing to let go of your connection to misery and apathy?


If so, use this Intuitive Learning Circle™ to access Soul Contracts and Past Life Karma so you can step out of the pattern that enforces the Contradiction.

Simply look at the Circle below with a soft gaze and imagine that you are burning up any contracts or agreements from society, your family or past lives that prevent you from being able to be fulling present in the Eternal Now.

Here are some sample affirmations to use :

“I release any agreement that apathy or the feeling of hopelessness is at all helpful to me.”

“I burn up all belief systems that enforce conflict.”

“I release any collective agendas that confuse or un-ground me.”

“I now align myself with Simplicity.”

“I decide that there are plenty of resources around me right now and that I can easily utilize them.”



This next Intuitive Learning Circle™ will help you step out of Collective Karma for conflict and contradiction and connect with peace.


“I release my hostility towards the truths of the Universe.”

“I now embrace and utilize them for my greater good.”



If you like, you can contemplate the specific instances where you have felt hopeless, confused or apathetic. Visualize stepping out of that situation into the Eternal Now – fully present and in your body.  It will help to have your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Your word is of major significance, because it is an act of creation. It can either create a lie, or it can create the truth.

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