Past Life Therapy in Santa Fe

What to Expect from Past Life Therapy in Santa Fe with Bob Morrison, DCH or Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKP

One way to finish business and learn important lessons is through hypnosis sessions utilizing Past Life Therapy. Past Life Energy Clearing using Reiki Energy Healing and Spiritual Kinesiology is another.

Past Life Therapy in Santa Fe

Hypnosis Sessions and Past Life Therapy in Santa Fe with Bob or Rheanni

When experiencing Past Life Regression Therapy, you can choose to work with either Bob Morrison, DCH or Rheanni Lightwater, CHT at Soul Resources, LLC. During these private sessions, the hypnotherapist will assist you in finding an appropriate intention and teaching you how to go into trance. This deep state of relaxation is necessary for you to access memories from past lives.

Please note: Because of the sensitive nature of regression therapy using hypnosis, both Bob and Rheanni prefer to work in person with clients. For long distance work, see Past Life Energy Clearing below.

An experienced hypnotherapist is trained to help stimulate your imagination by utilizing body feelings, phrases or following a tunnel of light to access the past life memories. You may find out things like where you lived, what your station in life was and if there were any people in that lifetime that you know today. You will discover the incident that’s the cause of what you’re currently dealing with. Plus, you’ll get help with releasing the issue and any trauma that may be associated with it. You are then taken to the last day in the life of that past life and without any pain or emotion, you will move through the death of that past life personality. This is an important step to include so that any psychic residues or highly charged experiences will be released and integrated into your current personality so that it is no longer a problem.

From there, you will be taken to a beautiful garden where you can communicate with your deepest guidance about the lessons learned from that life and how you can most effectively move on. Once the experience is complete, you are brought back into the present where you can debrief with your therapist. Together, you can discuss the meanings, the lessons learned and draw parallels to your current life.

 Past Life Energy Clearing with Rheanni

Sometimes a Past Life Clearing is preferred over traditional Past Life Therapy using hypnosis. Rheanni is the person to see for that. This kind of session includes using a blend of creative visualization, muscle testing and energy medicine. It is the only kind of Past Life Therapy that we recommend for Skype or the internet.

The process begins by sharing your concerns during the initial interview. At that point, an appropriate intention can usually be established so that you can resolve the issues from the past and find solutions that will help you move forward now. To facilitate healing, muscle testing is used to find blockages and entanglements. Then simple methods are used to unblock the energy and restore balance. Reiki and other energy healing techniques support the process by smoothing out stress, clearing emotional blockages and helping you to gain a clearer perspective.

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Experience Past Life Clearings and Past Life Therapy in Santa Fe for $120.00

Our sessions are approximately and hour and a half long.

Call: Robert Morrison, DCH 1(505) 603-10112  or Rheanni Lightwater, CHT, (505) 271-4612

Gift Certificates for Past Life Regression Therapy in Santa Fe, NM are available.