Private Hypnotherapy Practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Robert Morrison, Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Certified American Board of Hypnotherapy Instructor

Hypnotherapy Practice in Santa Fe

Rheanni Lightwater, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Kinesiology Practitioner & Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist

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Personal Development & Stress Relief Specialties:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – mental & emotional support for health issues, phobias, addictions, weight loss, smoking cessation and pain control.
  • Regression & Spirit Releasement Therapy – past life & early life healing affecting relationships, health and unexplained behavior.
  • Spiritual Hypnosis – soul retrieval, shamanic clearing & transpersonal healing.
  • Life Coaching – achievement of business, health and personal goals.

Soul Resources LLC is a hypnotherapy practice in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM dedicated to bringing people to the realization that their lives are the result of their choices and decisions. This realization empowers them to take back their lives and move forward in a powerful way.

Teaching people conscious choice is an important part of these processes. This is done with a variety of counseling and therapeutic techniques including Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, NLP, Kinesiology, Energy Work and other Transpersonal Techniques. These techniques are designed to assist clients in understanding the present, take responsibility and stay present so that they may change or enhance their circumstances.

Finally, Soul Resources is about world-wide forgiveness and peace and believes that by assisting individuals in coming to these states, we are helping to create a more peaceful and compassionate society.

Robert S. Morrison DCH

Private appointments are available by calling 1 (505) 603-0112 or email at: bob@pastliferegressions.com


Education and Training

Robert Morrison DCH
is the co-founder of Soul Resources, which is an Approved School of Hypnosis by the American Board of Hypnosis, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Robert teaches the Hypnosis Certification Trainings, Self Hypnosis Classes and Past Life Regressions Intensives. His current projects include a new hypnotherapeutic model of healing and goal-setting designed to assist people in letting go of unwanted habits, resolve conflicts within themselves and with others and teach people how to consciously create their own reality as a way of realizing their full potential.

Robert is a graduate of American Pacific University and is registered and certified as a Hypnosis Teacher Trainer with the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) and has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1998. He is trained in Past Life Regressions, NLP, Regression Therapy, Parts Therapy, and various other advanced hypnotherapeutic methods at the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. In addition, he has extensive experience with Spirit Releasement Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Pain Management, Holographic Healing, Kinesiology, Holotropic Breathwork and Peruvian Shamanism. Dr. Morrison is also a Third Degree Reiki Master and Karuna© Reiki Master. He holds Masters Degrees in Music from Northwestern University and Public Administration from California State University.

In My Words

We are now moving into an age of healing where people are their own, most profound healers. We no longer look to our doctors with complete trust to take care of what ails us, nor do we always accept their diagnosis or opinions as absolute and infallible. I believe, on a material level, the rising cost and demand for health care, easy access to information and a more educated and savvy society have created this. Our society is now beginning to realize that our emotional and spiritual health plays a major part in our physical well being. I believe it’s our thoughts and emotional state that create our physical health.

No matter what state your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health is in, you can decide to change it and bring back to any desirable state that you choose. There is no such thing as an incurable disease, phobia, habit, relationship or state of being and there is no one who can cure it for you except you. You have the power and the will, now you can also align the unconscious mind with your power and will to create a deep expectation and faith in your most joyful hopes and aspirations and know that they will come true.

The role of the healer in the 21st Century is one who acts as both a guide and a mirror showing you who you are and assisting you past your perceived blocks. Our role is to hold the space that you are absolutely perfect and have everything you need to do what you want to do and be what you need to be.

What I do

My purpose in life is to model forgiveness and peace. It is difficult to come to forgiveness and peace for many reasons that include our upbringing, societal norms, past experiences and host of other events both known and unknown. All of our biographical and transpersonal experiences along with the current state of society, nature and our planet often “inter-play” together to create a seemingly irrational experience of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual maladies. These forces can be weaved into a new and beautiful tapestry of self, but first, the thread and yarn must be untangled before it can be woven.

I assist my clients in discovering new and different perspectives about their issues. I do this in a variety of ways.

• Assist clients in getting out of survival.
• Facilitate the release of resentment and shame to create an opening for experiencing forgiveness and peace.
• Break down overwhelming situations to “do-able” tasks. Clients learn to make plans and get support in building momentum so that their goals are easily realized.
• Teach the constructive use of mind. Assist clients in letting go of “mental addictions”.
• Promote quality of life issues including pain control, stress relief, transforming addictive habits and encouraging fun and ease in life. (This does not mean that we cover up or deny problems, it simply means that I teach clients to be really gentle with themselves.)
•Guide clients to untapped inner resources and tools to make the changes that they want to make in their lives.
• Help clients transform projections so that they may live more authentic lives.
• Get people in touch with their unlimited potential and motivate them to pursue all that they desire.

Our Clients…

They are not necessarily affluent or rich, but they are generally well educated. Eighty percent have either attended college, graduated from college or have post-graduate degrees. They are intelligent, well educated and of high integrity. These are the common denominators.

The people we serve are interested in new things and new ideas. They are inquisitive, self-sufficient and take an active role in their lives and healing. They do not sit back and wait for the therapist to find the answer or come up with the cure. They realize that they are the cure and are looking for someone to work cooperatively with them to enhance or change their lives. In short, they are responsible for themselves and for their actions. They come to therapy for motivation, support, release and insight into themselves and the world around them.

Finally, the clients we attract are conscious of the mind-body connection to illness and realize that disease comes from the mind and later translates to maladies of the body. They actively seek to transform their beliefs enabling them to transform any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual illness.

Why do clients come to me?

  • Sessions are cooperative and of high integrity in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • Sessions are fun and interesting.
  • Techniques used are diverse and can range from general counseling to regression therapy or other transpersonal techniques.
  • I am knowledgeable, helpful and well educated.
  • Session prices are reasonable and are an exceptional value.
  • Client service does not stop after the session. On-going support, groups and classes are often a part of the treatment price.
  • Mutual trust between client and therapist.

Particular issues that I work with…

  • Job and Employment Coaching and Support
  • Chronic Medical Conditions- Weight Control, Pain Control, Digestive Problems, Stress, Impotence, Frigidity, AIDS, Cancer, Asthma, Bedwetting, Body Temperature, Bruxism, Circulation Problems, Constipation, Depression, Low Energy, High Blood Pressure, Hearing Loss, Insomnia, Migraine Headaches, Nail Biting, etc.
  • Habits and Addictions – Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol, Gambling, Sex
  • Emotional Detoxification – Fears and Phobias, Anger, Resentment
  • Goal Achievement – Career Goals, Sports Enhancement, Test Anxiety, Memory Enhancement
  • Relationship and Money Issues
  • End of Life Issues
  • Spirit Possession and Releasement.

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