How To Create Good Karma

If you believe in the basic principle of cause and effect, you probably want to know how to create good karma for the future.

Robert S. Morrison, DCH

This post is an extension from my previous posts about Reincarnation and Why Future Lives are Important. If you believe in reincarnation and future lives, then you might want to consider what conditions you would like to live under in the future, so that you can progress forward in your Spiritual Life.

How to Create Good KarmaIn considering those conditions, here are some of the things I would personally like to have:

1) To become someone who has the physical and mental ability to discriminate between helpful and destructive actions. Animals and others that are constantly in pain have a very difficult time with this discrimination. Also, humans can be born or acquire problems that can take away their ability to discriminate and intentionally perform genuinely beneficial actions.

2) To be born in an environment where there is enough to eat and all the necessities of life are easily found, including fresh water, air and a healthy environment.

3) To be born with wisdom, status and resources to easily allow for a spiritual practice and to assist others with their spiritual practice. This is one of the greatest benefits I experience from my own Hypnotherapy practice.

So, by thinking about what you would like to create for yourself in the future, you can begin to know how to create good karma now so that it’s more likely to happen. Remember that you get to experience in the future what you intentionally cause others to experience. Deciding to assist others with a genuine desire to help is a great way to begin. Of course it’s important to root out any hidden agendas, misunderstandings or deep-seated negative karma from the past.

Hypnosis and past life regressions, along with various other forms of alternative healing like the Intuitive Learning Circles™ are great resources to help you know what you really want to create and clear the limited beliefs or past karma that prevent you from doing so. Taking the time now helps to ensure that the conditions of your future lives will be advantageous for your spiritual healing, progress and happiness.

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Resolving Karmic Ties

Resolving Karmic Ties Through Past Life Therapy

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a person is the sad reality of living in a dangerous relationship or hostile family environment. Those who are children growing up with illicit drug use, abuse or neglect have little choice but to adapt to their surroundings the best that they can. However, as adults there are more options and one of them is to put a halt to the energetic patterns that support the cycle of abuse through past life therapy.


If you have grown up as a victim of any kind of abuse, you know that it can affect your current relationships in every way imaginable – physically, mentally, emotionally and even on a spiritual level. You may be over-ridden with feelings of guilt, fear or distrust. Because of your feelings of powerlessness, you may feel that you need to strike back or maintain a hyper-vigilant desire to control everything. This is a natural reaction, however, it can trap you because it isn’t very helpful for creating a happier life.

Being Able to Step Out of Abuse is Key to Resolving Karmic Ties

One of the biggest problems involved in resolving karmic ties from abuse is when a person is chronically stuck in the past or having an unhealthy attachment to the very people who may have caused the most harm. Psychology calls it enmeshment and that’s a pretty good description of what it’s like. Through the relationship of victim/perpetrator, each person becomes so entwined with the other that it’s hard to determine where one person leaves off and the other begins. If you are someone who subscribes to the idea of reincarnation, karma and past lives, the victim/perpetrator relationship takes on new meaning.

Karma is simply the Law of Cause and Effect. What one puts out, will come back to them sooner or later. Many people are now feeling effects that were set into motion long ago and are experiencing dismay because they don’t understand why certain things are happening to them now.

A past life regression is an excellent tool for getting to the root of the problem and resolving karmic ties.

It’s also important to find other ways to respond rather than striking back at those who we feel are abusing us. It may feel good in the moment, yet another seed has been sown that will bring that suffering back to us again sometime in the future.

Transformation Game - Resolving Karmic TiesIn this Past Life Healing Game from Kuan Yin, you’ll go through a spiritual healing process that could help you to close the doors to abusive experiences so that feelings of anger, fear and suffering can truly become a thing of the past. Like our other meditations and self-hypnosis formulas, we use the Intuitive Learning Circles™  and Graphs from Divine Nature Activated and Gifts from the Rainforest.


Closing the Doors to Past Abuse – The Cause of Present and Future Unhappiness

Directions: Gaze softly at each symbol and follow the directions. It may be useful to journal or write down some of these answers.


Take several deep breaths as you gaze softly at this first circle.

Think about your family of origin. What does your body feel like?

For instance, does it feel stiff, heavy, tight, numb, disconnected, etc?

Vine of the Soul Medicine

How would you describe your mental/emotional mindset as you do this?

Would you say it’s sad, angry, depressed, closed, anxious, lost, confused or something else?

Make a note of what you notice on your piece of paper.





The next few symbols are from “Divine Nature Activated” and will help us in resolving karmic ties and negative conditioning that are past down through our genetic connections. The key is to relax as much as possible while looking at each symbol. It can help to imagine that an old, broken DNA strand is falling apart while a vibrant and cohesive DNA strand is relaxing, healing and filling up with light.




The following symbols will help you to let go of patterns of abuse being held in your DNA. As you look at each one with its affirmation, let yourself relax as much a possible:

“I let go of my tendency to sacrifice my safety, health or well-being.”

“I replace it with loving patience for myself.”



Visualize sending any negativity you sense to the Sun.

“I release the pattern of fear and hostility from my body and mind.”

“I replace it with an openness to a new way of being.”



Here’s some more negative energy to send to the Sun.

“I let go of patterns that perpetuate lies, suffering and hardship. I decide to let these things transform.”

“I fill my heart with strength and protection. I hold the victory of Love in mind.”





Because of the abuse, your Essence might still be lost in a dark place. Bring it back by breathing, looking at the symbol and feeling the soft area between your ribs – the solar plexus. Imagine that you’re calling back your Essence like a child coming back home from being outside.

“I call my Essence back home to my center where I can be safe again.”

Inner Divinity





Continue breathing and look at this Soul Chart for several minutes. Feel free to stretch or move around to help you integrate:

“I unplug from the abuse and those who abused me. I decide to be autonomous and true to myself.”

Soul Color




Now imagine that you can dissolve your attraction field for abuse or violent energy patterns from the past. Imagine that your Spiritual Self knows just what to do and is dissolving the energy around you that attracts abuse.

“I dissolve my attraction to pain – past, present or future. My energy now flows in alignment with my highest good.”

Don’t stop until you feel lighter and much more at ease.

Early Morning Storm 43



Now it’s very important that you take the time to be sure that your auras are healed and sealed.

Gaze softly at this Circle both crossed and uncrossed over the mid line of your body.

“I have protection. My auras are healed and sealed.”





“I close the doorways in my mind that connect me with my abusers.”

Piranha Medicine

Notice how you are feeling now. Do you feel better than you did when you started the meditation?

If you do, Congratulations!

Feel free to go through this intuitive learning meditation any time you feel like resolving karmic ties anyone you know – family, friends, partners, bosses – anyone you feel an unusual and negative attraction to.

Note: Sometimes when we’re dealing with karmic ties with families or love relationships, it’s really difficult to stay objective. If you need help in processing this advanced exercise, you might want to contact Rheanni Lightwater to go through it with you. She is available to work long distance and is set up to use Skype whenever possible. To find out more, please call or email:

Rheanni (505) 271-4612 or email at:

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Are Past Lives Real

Why does belief in past lives and reincarnation make sense? This is a question that I’ve personally considered for many years. It’s difficult to to prove any theory of the afterlife of course, but reincarnation is indicated as a very plausible theory even without the experience that many people have during past life regressions.

Are Past Lives Real if You Can’t Remember Them?

We cannot remember many experiences in this life time, yet we know that they happened. Can you remember everything that happened in third grade? Most people can remember only brief snippets of their third grade experiences, yet they know they went through the third grade.

The same is true with birth. Do you remember being born?…Do you remember being in the womb? Even if you don’t, you most certainly had those experiences.

To believe that there is no such thing as past or futures lives, you would have to believe that when a body dies, the mind dies and that’s it. It’s a materialistic and distinctly Western point of view that your consciousness is based on your body and has no existence outside of it. Ancient cultures hold no such concept:

Are Past Lives Real“When a man dies the individual Jîva (as it is called in Sanskrit), which means the germ of life or the living soul of man, is not destroyed, but it continues to exist in an invisible form. It remains like a permanent thread stringing together the separate lives by the law of cause and effect.” (Lectures On Reincarnation,  Swami Abhedananda)

There is no proof that anyone can point to that clearly demonstrates that the mind, our sense of self or our “I” is dependent on the body, but with the above reasoning, we can open our minds to the idea that our souls experience many lives.

Likewise, in the West many think that what is happening now is random or just a result of what we’ve done or failed to do recently. Yet, it’s very likely that we are actually feeling the effects of some ancient ripening karma, governed by the law of cause and effect.

So when we experience something in this life, we can use what is going on now to propel ourselves back into the past life where the original cause or karma was incurred and shift it.

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American Board of Hypnotherapy

Past Life Therapy is a powerful method of healing that facilitates transformation.


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Tip Your Sacred Cow Karma

You Can Discover Who You’ve Been Through This Past Life Healing Game

and clear past life karma that’s getting in the way of your transformation.

What was your past life?Understanding what was your past life can help you let go of negative soul contracts and collective karma from the past.

What is a Sacred Cow Soul Contract?

In this process, you will clear soul contracts that have outlived their purpose and become a burden to your evolution. They’re important to clear because as long as the agreement isn’t resolved, the karma is still entangled and your mental continuum continues to behave as if the agreement were still in force. This causes a lot of unnecessary suffering for you and those around you.

For example: A woman who was having trouble feeling settled in her life decided to try playing the game. While going through it, she glimpsed impressions from another life, seeing bare feet and a beat up old suitcase. Later on while she was dreaming, she saw herself clearly living a past life as a Hungarian orphan in Nazi Germany.

In her dream of that life, she was continually used as a slave and moved from place to place without being able to feel safe. She was eventually turned in to a work camp and lost her life without having any control at all. In her present life, the woman was still operating under the cultural agreements that were in force back at that time.

Through the safety of this simple past life healing game, she could release the soul contracts and collective karma that was forced upon her. Gently, it brought her pattern of restlessness and uncertainty into consciousness so that she could relax and comfortably move into a happier, more productive life.

Easy Steps to Play the Game:

  1. Choose an issue that’s causing a blockage in your mental continuum. Use it as a springboard to accelerate your spiritual growth and prepare you for your next step on your healing journey.
  2. Follow directions from the Past Life Healing Game to release your connection to negative influences from the past.
  3. Read each step with it’s question or affirmation, one at a time.
  4. Think about it while looking with a soft gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circle that goes with it.
  5. Remember to RELAX! The Circles and symbols help you to access a light hypnotic trance where you can access your akashic records and gently clear harmful Soul Contracts so you can make room for positive, proactive change.

“Tip Your Sacred Cow Karma” is a fascinating and unique form of regression therapy that works!

When you gaze softly at the Intuitive Learning Circles, you are using self-hypnosis to clear out interference and reorganize how you use your energy. You may experience subtle energies running through you, or the Circles may move, rotate or even change color. That means that they’re working! Just keep breathing and relax. When you release your agreement with negative karma, fear or falsehood, you could be detaching from old family patterns, outdated religious vows, or even a larger, collective entanglement. Not only will you feel better in the days and weeks that follow, you’ll be clearing away obstacles to happiness!

So, let’s get started!

Step One:

What is a situation in your life that distresses you? Gaze softly at the Circle below and relax as you contemplate that thought…

“What is distressing me?”


Step Two:

As you gaze at this symbol, imagine that you are scanning for information in your unconscious mind.

“Is this situation interfering with me on a karmic level?”

SCKarmic-Interference“Am I taking on karma from others?”

or in other words, is this really my problem or someone else’s?


Step Three:

Use this Soul Contract Circle to release your agreement to take on the karma of others now or in the future. Imagine that the contracts are burning up into ashes or flying up to the Sun.

“I let go of any obligation, contract, debt or threat that would compel me to take on the karma of others in the past, present or future.”

“I let go of any curse or obligation that is secretly affecting me.”

“I let go of any harm I’m unwittingly participating in.”

Soul Contract


Step Four:

Now it’s time to handle the karma. As you know, karma is simply the law of cause and effect. Use the Circle below to gather information about past thoughts, decisions and actions involved in this situation. What is going on in your unconscious mind? Are you taking on someone else’s words or deeds in any way? If you are, use the Circle below to collect them like seeds and send them back to where ever they belong so that they can be resolved and healed.

Seed 37


Step Five:

If there is karma of your own that needs to be cleared, use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to send the karmic imprints from your mental continuum to the Sun to be purified.

Destructive Blueprints


Step Six:

Are you feeding harmful karma with your energy? Take a few minutes to project forgiveness and a positive intention into the center area of this Circle. Send energy from your solar plexus towards it, like a water hose.

“I forgive myself for all misdeeds.”

“I now empower my own intentions and my beneficial karma.”


Congratulations! You are ready to approach your situation more objectively, with a different perspective – without negative Soul Contracts!*

*Please note that we are all infinite beings in an infinite universe – as new circumstances or events change, we may encounter new karmic entanglements and Soul Contracts, even with the same people we just cleared. However, you can use this process as many times as you need to.

Rheanni Lightwater © 2015-16

Private Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Sessions Also Available

How You Can Benefit from a Past Life Regression or Clearing:

  • Clear emotional stress and trauma out of your body.
  • Calm feelings of anxiousness and/or depression.
  • Heal troubled relationships.
  • Understand certain behaviors and tendencies.
  • Come to terms with your past life on a mental, emotional & spiritual level.
  • Reconnect with your Spiritual Center & find peace with the karma & soul purpose of your past life experiences.


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Past Lives and Body Memories

Acclaimed Jungian Psychologist and Regression Therapist, Roger Woolger gave examples of his therapeutic experience with three patients whose bodies were suffering from physical symptoms that turned out to be memories connected with a key event in their past life stories.


1. “Susan’s'” rigid neck and shoulders carried memories of a guilty suicide from her past life as a Dutch Painter.
2. “Gregory’s” impotence was bound up with the harrowing story of shame and castration from his life in the French court.
3. “Melinda’s” sexual frigidity revealed a past life of child abuse and rape.

He concluded that emotional issues from past life experiences could become embedded tin whatever part of the body was wounded in that past life and could cause unresolved distress in the person’s current life.

To read more about past lives and body memories, check out Other Lives, Other Selves by Roger J. Woolger Ph.D., Bantam Books.

We have found in our own work with clients over the past thirteen years that the subtle energy fields of the body remember the pattern of unresolved conflict and that this pattern is often an underlying cause of unhappiness and even physical pain in the person’s current life. Clients who have experienced the cathartic release of the original trauma through various forms of Past Life Therapy repeatedly come away with a greater sense of compassion for themselves and noticeable improvements in their physical symptoms.

Is it possible that you are carrying physical symptoms that are an expression of an emotional conflict that has it’s roots in a past life experience?


Our Past Life Regressions are Facilitated by:
Dr. Robert S. Morrison specializing in the integration of mind and soul through Transpersonal Hypno-therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki and Peruvian Shamanism.

Rheanni Lightwater
Reiki Master/Teacher and medical intuitive, specializing in physical and emotional clearing through Kinesiology and Energy Medicine.


If you want more information or want to schedule a private Past Life Therapy Session in Santa Fe, call us at (505) 271-4612 or contact us via email.

Some people argue that these “body memories” aren’t due to reincarnation at all and that the story is just the result of an overactive imagination – that it’s only in their head. However, the psyche of the individual is still being affected negatively, regardless of  what really happened or how it came to be. In Past Life Regression Therapy, our objective remains the same – providing a safe and effective way to release unresolved emotional conflict and bring relief to the client.

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Preparing for a Past Life Regression

How to Approach a Regression Using Past Life Therapy

Robert S. Morrison, DCH

In the last two articles, I reviewed what hypnosis is not and what it is. In this article, we look at what to do when you’re preparing for a past life regression and how to utilize the experience for a deep healing.

Preparing for a Past life RegressionBefore Embarking on a Past Life Regression, Have an Intention

This is extremely important as it will direct and focus your experience and give you a framework in which to understand the particular past life experience. Without the intention, the past life experience may be too vague to utilize. Also, the type of intention is important. Make your intention specific to your day to day life, and it’s good for the issue to have at least a little bit of an emotional charge to it. This way, when life is happening afterward, you will notice positive change that will help enhance and improve your life situation. Examples of the sorts of intentions that work best include:

“I would like to improve my health” (with a focus on a particular condition).

“I would like to improve or understand my love relationship” (problems with partner or no partner).

“I want to understand my issues at work.”

You get the idea.

Our Problems Stem from our Past Actions

Now before moving any further, the above statement is often thought of in the West as “blame the victim”. This is not the purpose of this statement. Whenever we see injustice or problems, regardless of their origins, we all should work to right wrongs and alleviate suffering whenever we can.

The true purpose of the statement is to help alleviate suffering since it gives both an answer to “why is this happening to me” as well as providing direction and motivation for future actions. Also, it explains why there are certain parts of your life that are going really well (you are experiencing the results of your positive actions from past lives) and why certain parts are not doing well (you are experiencing the results of your negative actions from past lives). These are all aspects of reincarnation that are often misunderstood coming from a Western point of view.

It’s not blame or punishment; it’s a result of the mindset that comes from past actions. So, by revisiting these situations, we have an opportunity to change our mind and thus change the causes of our outer experience. Judgment, blame and punishment have nothing to do with this and self forgiveness is the best attitude to cultivate.

So in preparing for a past life regression, we are utilizing the intention to find the past actions of the karma we are now experiencing. We re-experience these actions and get a new perspective which causes new choices or understandings to emerge. That’s how it works to clear mental/emotional blocks and facilitates spiritual healing.

Our next article will discuss the unconscious mind and give examples of how past life regressions arise from the unconscious mind and how one might interpret them.

Robert Morrison © 2010-16

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You Might also like our Past Life Healing Game to help you find the issues you really want to heal!




Soul Contracts from Past Lives

The Importance of Soul Contracts and the Akashic Records in Clearing Past Life Karma

Transformation Game - Soul ContractsUnfortunately, it can be difficult to release negative karma and accomplish a peaceful and productive mind when agreements or soul contracts from past lives are still being held in your mental continuum. How does that happen?

Let’s say that you’re working on an important project and you find yourself at a crossroad where you must make a decision between taking one path or another.  In order to make the best decision, you will want to be present and certain that you have the clarity of mind to do what’s in your best interests now, rather than basing your decision on old habits or negative conditioning from the past.

Soul Contracts from Past LivesIt helps to realize that those habits and conditioning all began with an agreement of some kind. For example, if you tend to sabotage yourself by over-indulging in eating or drinking alcohol, you’re unconsciously responding to some kind of agreement or firm decision that you’ve made in the past. It could be from this lifetime. More often, however, that agreement was probably planted in your mental continuum during a past life experience and you’re now living (or re-living) the karma.

In order to properly nourish yourself and break out of the karmic pattern, it’s helpful to release those old unconscious decisions and replace them with constructive ones that will support you in making choices that are in your best interests today.

Let’s use the example of compassion. It’s widely accepted in all true spiritual paths that compassion will guide us away from suffering and lead us toward liberation or enlightenment. If that’s a goal you’re genuinely interested in achieving, you can release your agreements to continue following paths that lead you away from compassion.

You can do that right now with a short Past Life Healing Game and this Circle that accesses your akashic records or soul contracts.

Simply look at the Soul Contracts Circle below with a soft gaze and imagine that you’re burning up any contracts or agreements from the past that are preventing you from being compassionate:

“I let go of being cruel towards myself or anyone else.”

“I release ideas from my mental continuum that would cause panic or terror in my mind or anyone elses.”

“I release any agreement to treat or regard myself as less important than others.”

“I release any agreement to give up my rights, myself or my dignity.”

Soul Contract

If you like, you can contemplate the specific behavior patterns that cause you problems and release your agreement to continue following them now.


This next symbol will help you to step out of Collective Karma that causes you to have severe judgement about yourself. This lack of mercy is the true source of so many of our problems.

“I step out of the Collective Curse of turmoil and panic.

I now easily access serenity within.”



“I release irritable, sarcastic and antisocial behavior.”

“I am now confident and resolute.”



“I release painful connections with those I’ve known from past lives.”

“I now know I’m free to move on through love.”


Even though you may not consciously remember what the past life was or what the exact karma is, this process will help it begin to unravel and release it’s grip on your current behavior.

2016 © Rheanni Lightwater  All Rights Reserved


What Was Your Past Life?

You Can Find Out About Past Lives Through Hypnosis –
and clear past life karma that’s getting in the way of your transformation.

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Belief in Past Lives and Reincarnation

Why does belief in past lives and reincarnation make sense? This is a question that I’ve personally considered all throughout my practice as a hypnotherapist. It is difficult to to prove any theory of the afterlife of course, but reincarnation is indicated as a very plausible theory, even without the experience that many people have with past life regression. The purpose of this article is not to come up with the definitive answer, but rather to spark some thought and consideration about this possibility.


One Birth Theory vs. Multiple Birth Theory

Reincarnation and karma explains the inequities found among individuals and groups.

In the religions that propose that people have one life, there is really no logical explanation as to why there is so much disparity between the lives of separate individuals. The question that perplexes many of us is simply this, why would the creator god decide that someone would have all the advantages of a fully endowed life (enough of the necessities of life and to be born being surrounded by the circumstances that would allow for the correct spiritual view) while others are not so fortunate? And, why would the creator god then decide that those who “do not comply” with the dogmas of that religion be damned to eternal punishment? One would have to decide that the creator god is quite capricious rather than the all knowing all loving being.

When you allow for the laws of cause and effect, believing that people experience what they caused others to experience sometime in the future, the inequities of life begin to make more sense. It’s not an uncommon view that when someone performs an action, its effects are definite, so it doesn’t take a great leap of faith that when you think and/or do something, that a potentiality is planted in your mind. Under the right circumstances, that potentiality can ripen into an effect. Thus positive causes result in positive effects, and negative causes result in negative effects. If you were unkind in a past life, unkindness (under the right circumstances) can ripen and be present in a life. If you deprived people of necessities or their life, then those effects, under the right circumstances, can also ripen in the future.

No afterlife point of view vs. multiple birth theory

To believe that there is no afterlife what-so-ever, you would have to believe that our consciousness is centered in the body and that all minds are gross minds. Simply put, when the body dies, the mind dies and that’s it. It is a materialistic point of view, meaning that your consciousness is based on your body.

We do know that all minds are not gross minds (dream minds tell us this), and we even know that the gross mind is not a solid entity. If the mind existed from its own side, it would never change. Our mind is dependent on many causes and is ever changing. We also know that all of our existence, including the existence of our mind, has always been a potential effect since the beginning of time, or it would not exist today. This is the same for our body and this current make-up of who we are is an effect from potentials begun many eons ago.

So, if this mind that we call “me” has been a potential, when we die, why wouldn’t it be a potential again? And, since it has already been a realized potential, what stops it from continuing on? Why then would our mind stop at death? There is no proof that anyone can point to that clearly demonstrates that the mind, our sense of self or our “I” is dependent on the body, but with the above reasoning, we can say that our body is rather dependent on the potentials and minds that preceded it.

Personal Proof

There is a myth that people who experience past life regression will see themselves as famous people. So we could have a bunch of Cleopatras, Churchills, Ty Cobbs, etc.  I’m not saying that I’ve never worked with someone who experienced being a famous person in their past life regression, but I will say that the vast majority of my clients usually experience difficult and hard circumstances which roughly equal what has been seen in human history. I have also seen studies that show the same tendency. I do not have that information handy as of this writing, but if anyone would like information about this, please do email me and I’ll happy to give you the citation for this and you can judge its validity on your own.

So this is why I believe in Past Lives and Reincarnation. It is my hope that this post will cause questions, strengthen your belief, or inspire you to look into the subject yourself.

Robert Morrison © 2014 -17

Robert S. Morrison DCH has a private hypnotherapy practice in Santa Fe, NM and is an Approved Instructor by The American Board of Hypnotherapy. Soul Resources, LLC is an Approved School of Hypnosis.

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Collective Karma and Illness – the Flu

How Does Karma and Illness Work?

Did you know that the first clear record of a Flu outbreak was in 1580?

This was also the the century that brought us the Spanish Inquisition, the Calvanist and Huguenot Reformation, the westward advance of Islam, Puritanism and all kinds of wars based on religious intolerance waged for political and economic gain.

Karma and Illness

It was the century of Machiavelli’s The Prince, Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro – the eradicator of the Inca civilization, Henry the VIII and Martin Luther, who both defied the Catholic Church in their own ways. Then there was the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre which claimed over 10,000 lives over just a few short days. Yes, it was a special time, given to one of the most horrendous and far reaching outbreaks of religious intolerance on record.

So you might ask, “How could the flu be the result of collective karma regarding religious intolerance and why should I care, even if it is?”

As a medical intuitive who uses kinesiology or muscle testing in past life therapy with people, I have found over the years that karma and illness often go together and the emotional and spiritual energy of Influenza has always tested as either hatred, wrath or intolerance – coming from others. Newsweek has an interesting photo essay on the History of the Flu that you might like to check out.

I find the study of physical ills juxtaposed against social ills fascinating and think that the karmic imprint of influenza and pandemics makes a lot of sense against the backdrop of when this particular illness emerged and the kind of mass fear and paranoia that is so easily conjured up anytime anyone discusses the flu and being around other people.

Often times people I see who are sick themselves or discussing the flu use the word “hate” or “afraid” to describe their experience.

“I hate being at work. I hate being at school. I’m afraid to be closed in with all those people. I’m afraid I’ll get sick and I hate being sick!”

Release the Binding Energy of Paranoia and Intolerance

I learned early on in my past life therapy practice that intolerance or hatred is a binding energy. What I mean by that is when you “hate” something, your thoughts, your mindset and your energy gets very hard and constricted – not to mention your heart. The same goes for paranoia, however, simple fear is more of an immediate reaction – it usually comes up to let you know that something is off – something is wrong that needs your attention right away. It’s telling you that there is some aspect of this situation that isn’t good for you. Fear can be a very useful emotion when it motivates you to be cautious and do what you can to avoid harmful situations.

Intolerance is a kind of hybrid emotion that combines hatred and paranoia and turns them into a whole belief system. It is an outright rejection and violent refusal to accept that there might be something good about the object of our intolerance. When we are being intolerant of people, we focus our attention on them and send angry thoughts toward them, thinking that somehow doing so will make them go away and ease our suffering. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. The more we hate or fear something, the more we are bound to it… and it may even make us sick.

Karma and Illness = What You Put Out, You Get Back…Tenfold

A Past Life Healing Game

So what about healing the karma? How can we accept what we may have put out hundreds of years ago and dispel the karmic seeds that were planted then? Is it possible to heal the mindset of intolerance even after all of these years? And by healing ourselves as individuals, could we have a positive impact on the spread of the flu, decreasing it’s collective power over us?

I think it is possible and I suggest that we start by releasing our agreement to hold onto the negative pattern of intolerance in any form that it may come in.

Look at the Soul Contract Circle below and imagine that you can burn and release any family, religious or societal contracts that connect you to the patterns of religious intolerance we are speaking about here.

You can use the affirmation below it to help you:

Soul Contract Circle

“I abandon the practice of intolerance in whatever form it takes.”

“I am free of the negative pattern of intolerance and paranoia.”

It’s amazing how much energy you can free up just by doing this. But wait! Don’t stop now, you can do even more!



Use this symbol to help you dispel any curses or wrathful intentions that you or any member of your ancestral family may have sent towards any other person or group of persons. Use the affirmation below to stop the flow of anger or intolerance that would feed those curses.

“I abandon all forms of wrath in the form of curses, grudges, feuds or declarations of war.”




Next step, let’s clear the karmic seeds. With this symbol, go into your heart and imagine you can remove the seeds of any past karmic event that has anything to do with religious intolerance.You can even release your agreement to carry karma that was created by your ancestors! Use this affirmation:

“I let go of carrying on the karma of my family – past, present and future.”


Send all negative seeds to the Sun and once you’re done, have your spirit plant seeds of forgiveness to take the place of all those negative seeds.


Emotions are Simply Energy in Motion = e-motion

Many people can sense energy and actually feel negativity around them. They can also use that ability to disperse the energy and maybe you can too.

Use this symbol to help you get in contact with the emotional energy pattern behind the flu and dissolve it. All you have to do is look at this symbol, relax and get in contact with that hardened pattern of violent intolerance that started way back in the 1500’s. Once you sense it, use your intention to send it to the Sun, like a rocket burning up in the Sun’s atmosphere.



Once you have dissolved the clouds completely, you can rejoice in having made a difference by healing your part of the collective karma of the flu and it’s spiritual counterpart – religious intolerance!

Rheanni Lightwater © 2009 -16

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Understanding Karma

I got this excellent question on an email and thought it would be a good post to help us in understanding karma.

Question:  Why, from his own point of view, and apart from general humanitarian considerations, should anyone care what happens in future incarnations, since, if I understand correctly, those will be different personalities?

So, Why care about Future Lives? That’s a very interesting question.

My answers to this question are personal and philosophical and based on the idea that reincarnation is a possibility, so please remember that my response would be different from other responses you might get on the subject. This is why I care:

Consider that we do not have the same personality through this particular incarnation. Our personality at five years old is different from 10, 25, 50 and so on. Along the way, we made decisions and choices that changed the direction of our lives. Our life circumstances are changed by our decisions, like going to college so we can get a better education which results in an ability to make more money or work in a career that we are interested in. We may marry a certain person (or more than one, or no one), decide to have children or not, save for retirement or not. All of our experiences change our personality and we often forget many of our earlier experiences as if they did not exist.

Our gross consciousness (awakened mind) subsides during death, just as it does during sleep. Once we are reborn, our gross consciousness reemerges again in physical life. Just as we cannot remember much from our infancy and early childhood, we will not be able to remember much from this life. That doesn’t mean that the gross mind that we cling to won’t experience our future life.

What does go with us when we die are the imprints of our past lives called karma which are stored in our unconscious mind and emerge when the conditions are right, much like planting seeds and watering them. So if we plant negative seeds, negative results will ripen for us, and if we plant positive seeds, positive results will ripen.

Now from my point of view, understanding karma is vital to assist us in creating our future. My personal belief is that there are no accidents when it comes to life circumstances. We experience what we have caused others to experience. So, if you are a kind and helpful person, you will tend to attract kind and helpful people to you in the future. You will also have the tendency to be kind and helpful in the future making it easier to perform more kind acts.

The opposite would also be true. If you tend to do harm to other sentient beings, you will have a tendency to attract that harm in the future, not because some super-being is causing it or punishing you, but because you have ingrained those tendencies into your unconscious mind and created a strong potential for experiencing them.

Whether you consider your life to be good or bad, every experience in it is, to a degree, a result of a past experience that you caused someone else to experience. To project this theory out, it’s also logical to assume that what you cause another to experience in this life you will experience something like it in a future life. That’s why I believe understanding karma is so important.

Finally, there is also the issue of enlightenment. We have the opportunity as human beings to get out of this endless cycle of birth, aging, sickness and death. A state of mind where suffering no longer has any relevance to us. From this place, we can assist all sentient beings out of this endless cycle (to the humanitarian aspect which to me is the most important part of the equation). Assisting people in having less suffering or eliminating it altogether is, from my point of view, the most important part of being human.

Thank you for your question.

Bob Morrison, DCH

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